Too many incidents

We would like to raise the attention of all FRL drivers regarding the high number of avoidable incidents that have happened during the last races.

Although there haven’t been many protests filled, we have seen too many racing incidents and bad behaviour on track, and we don’t like that.

The spirit of the league is that our races should be fun, not that our races must be “to the death”. We are starting to see people trying to go beyond 100% of their own skills and making too many driving mistakes and taking wrong decissions. All in all, the agressiveness level is going up little by little, and that is causing discontent in both drivers and admins.

We would like you to approach our races thinking that you are driving a real car, in a real track, against real people, just like in any open track-day in a real life circuit. You don’t want to put other people in danger, you don’t want to put yourself in danger, and you don’t want to put your car or others’ cars in danger.

Of course this is racing, but this isn’t professional racing, this is *VERY* amateur. We don’t expect the greatest skills from our drivers, but we do expect intelligent and safe driving by them.

To everybody, when two cars collide you can always say “that is racing”, but sometimes it is the kind of racing that we don’t want here. Please, all the FRL drivers: step the agressiveness down a notch.


  1. ScorpioGT ScorpioGT says:

    The only thing i can say is sorry for swearing at the end of race 1 in WE.
    That’s not the spirit of the league.
    But unfortunately, i was the hit one :(

  2. nonnino65 nonnino65 says:

    Sono pienamente d’accordo su quello detto sopra bisogna pensare al divertimento ma allo stesso tempo a disputare in maniera pulita ogni Race.

    Io posso dire già in gara 1 ho dovuto fare shift+p per causa di un incidente a carambola dovuto boh???

    Mentre in gara 2 ( devo chiedere scusa a Freestyle per il contatto ) ma mi trovavo come un hot-dog messo in mezzo cercando di evitare due piloti ai miei fianchi ho avuto la peggio pazienza anche se ho perso il 100% di Race finiti e non è una bella sensazione non avendo mai arrecato gravi situazioni a nessuno mi spiace proprio che si cerchi di andare oltre alle proprie possibilità senza rispettare gli altri.

    Chiedo scusa ma nella traduzione non sarei riuscito ad esprimere il vero concetto mi scuso ancora con gli admin io non ho un inglese perfetto se vi è possibile tradurlo scusate ave

    • administrator administrator says:

      from Google:
      I fully agree that we must think of the above but still fun to play cleanly in every race.

      I can already say in the race I had to do a shift + p for an accident due to carom boh??

      While in race 2 (I apologize to Freestyle for contact) but I was like a hot dog made in the midst of trying to avoid two riders to my sides I had the patience even worse if I’m 100% finished and Race it feels good having never done any serious situations just sorry that we try to look beyond their ability without regard to others.

      I apologize but the translation would not be able to express the true concept I apologize again with the admin I do not have perfect English if you can translate it sorry ave

  3. nonnino65 nonnino65 says:

    Thank’s for all aveeee

    Good job for site i look to my Iphone when before not possible see fantastic ciauuu ave