XFR Trophy – Race 4 (AS5) results

Last FRL race…

On SPDO: http://www.spdoracing.com/eventdb/session/8508/results

Race results

Trophy final standings

Extended stats are here

Thanks to everyone who participated in trophies organized by Fun Racing League.


  1. Yann says:

    So you mean there won’t be any FRL events anymore?

  2. administrator administrator says:

    could be so :|

  3. makakazo makakazo says:

    I hope not. We enjoyed this race and we can bring in more fast, clean racers. Although 60-70 minutes is too much for me. I prefer races 45-50 minutes long, but hell, there’s no league like that running and this is the closest :-D

    Really enjoyed the race and the organization and overall behaviour by the racers was very good. Kudos to everyone involded! ;-)

  4. makakazo makakazo says:

    By the way! Check in the replay when guiouton overtakes me. That has been a beautiful fight. A lesson on how to go side by side and clean, close fighting!

  5. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    we want more races. FRL FTW!

  6. sosna says:

    Guys i d like to thank you for putting all this together!

    I really enjoyed all the races i participated.

    Clean and respectfull racers!

    Thanks again


  7. Narayan says:

    Is there anything we can do to support the league?

  8. Yann says:

    Just for info, I’d be there to help too.

  9. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    Me too. I want to help as i can.