FBM race results


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  1. numbertwo says:

    was a good race yesterday guys, keep it up. I felt a bit lonely, but as guys ahead of me were gaining a tenth by tenth i was gaining 2 tenths by 2 tenths to guys at back, slotting nicely in huge gap of 35+ seconds :D looking forward to next race :)

  2. whiterat says:

    @admins: Why let LPR Lore 96 (ciuccione83)
    to start the race? He did only 4 laps on prequal, and his pb was 1:59. He was very ambiguous during the race (and maybe qual). He was an unpredictabe block on the track who ruined my race and other’s race too.

    • administrator administrator says:

      He was in the runners-up qualification list

      • whiterat says:

        ok, I agree.
        Is there any chance to put a ‘too slow’ rule in the prequalification system (like 107% rule) to filter very slow people to forerun unnecessary dangerous situations on the race?

    • numbertwo says:

      he was in 107% with that time anyway?

      • Yann says:

        This is because Aston National is quite a simple track. I belive he would have been outside the 107% on most of the other tracks.

  3. Ki-Men says:

    I was quite unhappy with the start and the T1 , than accident in the last turn in lap 2, and pit with repair damage , than disaster – in lap 3 my LFS screen decide to go down and that was end for my patiens.

  4. Feuerdrache Feuerdrache says:

    What’s the next cup? :P

  5. TIMO1992 says:

    It was a really good race and administration was also perfect.

    I’m sure that I will take part in further events as well. Congratulations to Feuerdrache and bLb.

  6. administrator administrator says:

    @Timo1992: thx
    @Feuerdrache: we are thinking about LX4 :)