FO8 – Kyoto Ring Oval: any suggestion?

numbertwo: something tells me this event will see a big fight in prequal and qual. do you guys have enough experience with ovals? There could be problems in qualification of there are people bump drafting around, or even drafting much.

Yesss, tips and suggestions are welcome here for next event!


  1. Ki-Men says:

    Well for oval race , forget your rule book and rules from ordinari race tracks , drafting (not bumpdrafting) is part of the race .
    The realy tricky part oval is how to survive the 100 laps on oval , one mistake and you are ending your race fliped or hits the wall.
    If you do that high probability that you will cause the accident , let him to pass you then draft behind him and retake your position in the next few corner you will be faster on the track cooperating each others.
    Leave the blocking for last lap.

    • numbertwo says:

      well as you see i didnt talk about race at all, so you kinda missed the point, but still came off with a good advice, yes guys, about race. i got 2 advices.

      1. never, never block a guy that wants to pass you (maybe on last lap only)
      2. never pass on the right. always on the left.

      my first post was going for qualification mostly. I THINK, that it would be best to change the qualy format a bit for this event, to avoid people bump drafting themselves and then getting good starting slots. This is oval, but a good starting position is very important anyway. I suggest we run one by one, everyone gets one out lap, 2 fast laps then specs. And everyone gets a empty track, so there is total control around time, no one can bump draft (or draft) and qualification times are reflection of drivers speed and not luck.

      just my suggestion though, thanks for putting it on the front page guys, i know im not exactly a veteran here, so its nice to know all voices are being heard :)

      • Ki-Men says:

        Problem with this is the TIME , you must be ready to get qualy in 45minutes when you have 1 on the track and 30 guys who is waiting for his turn , but it is posible to do that.
        And just one suggestion FO8 is wery unstable for standing start it is better to have one guys who will lead the first lap and do with that a flying start.

      • Torben says:

        While it being true, that standing start with F08 is a bit tricky, must say, that a driver who attempts to drive 100 laps on oval should also be able to perform a standing start with an F08. If someone is not able to, he/she should take the time and practice it. The (FM) Oval Junkies Server provides a good way of doing so, having a new race start about every 7 Minutes.

        And in my humble opinion, getting all drivers to do a clean pace lap is even more difficult than having a clean standing start.

      • administrator administrator says:

        We can modify our usual qualification system with another one used in a lot of leagues: pre-qual times build the official grid.

        I know that those times could be made with trails or luck, but (I’m sure) fastest drivers will be faster ;)

      • Ki-Men says:

        With respect to Torben , standing start is good for race of few laps , we dont wont to half grid stuck after one , whos car is have uncontroled start , it can wery easy can happend because the wings are usualy in 0 , and mostly will be used R3 and R4 tyres who are stonecolds on start without any grip , this I wroting from my experince after nearly of 2900 laps on oval with FO8 , I suppose that I have some .
        Maybe shoud forbid R3 and R4 tyres like in NDR , and you are than limited on R2 tyres , you can still drafting but not so long time.

  2. Parker1993 says:

    I think it would be best to have a rolling start and have a quali system like numbertwo suggested.

    Look at my times for example. I was top anyway without the bumpdrafting or normal drafting but me and this guy have managed to extend our PB avg to almost a second ahead of the next guy purely by bumpdrafting.

    Bumpdrafting should be banned in the race but normal drafting allowed. Thats the way I have seen most oval races on LFS run and I think this league should have it the same. Bumpdrafting is very dangerous and if one of the people doing it lags, boom. Off they both go into the sky.

    Qualifying like numbertwo said should be a out lap, 2 hot laps and then spec. That way, drivers skill takes pole which is what it should be.

    If you keep it as top in pre-quali gets pole I wont complain though ;) :p

    • numbertwo says:

      that assuming that others dont bump draft the crap out of your pole time :-P

    • Torben says:

      I suggest to have at least one practice “race” then to give drivers the chance to practice the pace lap and rolling start.
      Also clear rules need to be in place to when you are allowed to pass, (e.g. when green flag is shown, not before start-finish line)
      I know it is the FUN-Racing League, and I am definately not here to spoil the fun.
      I just fear that without the appropriate practice and rules in place, the race could end in a disaster right after the start.

      Also I favour the qualy system with one outlap, two hotlaps. You can time drivers that 3 to 4 cars can be on track at once, with enough space between them, so that no one interfers with the other. That way, qualy will be done in 30 to 45 minutes easily :)

      • Torben says:

        Oh, and thumbs up for banning bumpdrafting. It not just is dangerous, it also kills the fun of the race imho.
        I have no preference on the tyres, I’m fine with R2s only, but would also run R3s or R4s.

  3. sh00ter says:

    Looking forward to this race, however – I really think that a list of rules need posting in the next day or so. There is talk of no bumpdrafting above but nothing stated in rules banning it. If it is just stated on race day I think it will be too late.
    I dont care whether it is or not – but we need to know!!

  4. administrator administrator says:

    When somebody suggested us to think about an event on oval, I never thought about a race being so complicated

    • Ki-Men says:

      Well you maybe can talk with few guys from NDR , and take from his some advice , those guys organizing few years backward the LFScart series inside with speedweak 400 miles on ky1 with fo8 and ewent kyoto 250 and 500 miles, Well I just can say that the prepairing to kyoto 500 is wery wery serious stuf , and one of the best in road racing with fo8 cant get thrue eazy on oval qualify.

    • numbertwo says:

      oval is a different story to other circuits, so some stuff needs to be adjusteed, but its not so bad :)

      few stuff that i think need to be oval related :

      ban bump drafting
      make qualification one car at a time, so all the times are made in clean air

      thats it. no need for a rolling start imo, we get a lag lap anyway, so people will get an idea that you cant just floor it with f08.

  5. administrator administrator says:

    Bump drafting is a tactic used in NASCAR races at Talladega Superspeedway and Daytona International Speedway. The technique was initially popularized by the Archer Brothers in the SCCA Sportruck series during the late 1980s.It begins as normal drafting, but the following car pulls up behind the lead car and bumps into the rear of it, pushing the lead car ahead, to maintain momentum.

    If done roughly or in the wrong position (e.g. close to the entry of the turn), this tactic can destabilize the handling of the lead car sometimes causing a crash. Use of the tactic in this manner is known as slam drafting. Due to the danger, NASCAR has attempted to limit the bracing on bumpers on cars, disallowed bump drafting in turns, introduced “no bump zones” on certain portions of speedways where this practice is prevalent, and penalized drivers who are too rough in bump drafting.

  6. Torben says:

    Sunday is passed and no Qualy-Procedure..

    Another aspect to think about for qualy: How do you handle tire warming? allow / disallow / allow certain techniques etc…

    I am afraid an oval event needs quite some detail in rules and preparation. Especially qualy is a matter of hundreds of seconds and thus every detail counts..

    • Ki-Men says:

      Well I saw your FM tehnique few times , speeding in the pit and spining on the track in the entrance , things in normal qualy track deserve atleast DT :D

  7. Torben says:

    Well, we are not speeding, we do a donut, and warm the front tyres withing the pit-speed limit, while driving out of the pitlane. On track some hard steering maneuvers.

    But thats exactly why I bring it up. What is allowed and what is not?