FO8 oval race results and comments

A complete disaster. :(

Oval races are for experienced racers, it’s not possible to meshup pros and noobs in the same race on an oval track.

I apologize for this bad organization of the event.

Anyway results and stats here.


  1. numbertwo says:

    hey, dont be so hard on yourself. Oval maybe looks simple, but organizing and driving it isnt simple. Driving a good oval race for 100 laps is hard, but making it all run smoothly and without errors, its even harder.

    You did the best you knew, and you can only learn from that. Even though i got crashed out of the race, i would race it again if you will organize it any time :)

    btw. if you have time, try to join fm event server some friday, they are organizing event race in FOX every friday after 21:00. so you might see how others do the organizing of these events, i like both ways btw :)

  2. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    Dont do that Lys, the organizing was tough for you but the race was good.
    I believe most of us we enjoyed. I did :)
    Was a good exprerience for many of us and for you also.

    Thank you very much for organize it and… sorry for my suggestion. Caused you troubles…

  3. fras44 says:

    Cheers and thanks for organizing the event …in-sim problems no big deal ..oval races seem to be the hardest to organize ..i know that FM had lots of fun ..hope you get your in-sim working properly ..looked cool !! EH !!

  4. Torben says:

    Yeah, don´t be so hard on yourself. Trouble with insim happens to the best. Once we were on the way, the race was really good. We had a lot of fun. Thanks a lot for organizing!

  5. Ki-Men says:

    well , “dont wory be happy” , it was pretty good run , , and just if I hadnt have that accident in lap3 I m pretty sure that I ll be finished the race in the same lap with the leader
    but “shits happend”

  6. Ki-Men says:

    and yes next race in oval with fxr or something similar car , maybe with XFG that will be nice race :D

  7. sh00ter says:

    was just teething problems, as far as the organizing I thought it went well – it was let down by people NOT reading or understanding the rules, NOT due to the admin IMHO.

    if they didnt lose position on the outlap and try to overtake on the outside I think it would have gone very smoothly tbh.

    apart from me losing it halfway through I enjoyed it, I do hope you do another one!

  8. «SS»Cleg «SS»Cleg says:

    Dont be to hard on your self LYS, organising is hard at the best of times, when you are trying a new event for the fist time its double hard.

    I am pleased and thankful that you were willing to give up your free time to run the event, and you did a top job. Many thanks