MRT trophy 3rd race (Aston North) results

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Results and standings

Replays and stats on SPDO:

Extended race results and stats

Gallery (your screenshots are welcome) is here!


  1. Lysergic Lysergic says:

    What a race! Grats to the winner spdoGarfield (AS7 lover, I suppose) too fast for all ;)

    About my race: nice, but too short, fight with Yeman, really a gentleman (maybe too much, as he went on grass trying to avoid a contact)!
    I made lot of mistakes and lost time and positions. I’m thinking about retire because I’m obviously too old now for online games, ops, sorry, “simulations” ….

  2. Ki-Men says:

    Trust me I m older than you atleast 10 year :)

  3. TZ4R TZ4R says:

    too bad my race was ended after getting stuck in front of the wall in 1st lap 3rd corner :/
    But hey, I made it on the Event’s Screenshot! :D