UFR – Kyoto National results

UFR  - November 2011 -  Kyoto National results

UFR - November 2011 - Kyoto National results

November UFR Trophy final standings

Extended race stats here

Please post your proposal for next trophy here!

Can anybody create a layout like this?


  1. mulas_jr says:

    Finally I’ve finished a race… :)
    About next event, I would like best: LX4/XRT/RAC/FZ5/FBM + tracks with layouts :) Would be fun.

  2. scoot11 says:

    My vote goes for FXO Turbo or LX4 :D

  3. yeman says:


  4. qeD says:


  5. conte conte says:

    Gratz CRNI for win the trophy!!!!!!!

    For next event i vote for MRT or FBM :-)

  6. Butta76 Butta76 says:

    MRT- FOX

  7. vule vule says:

    FXO, XFG, FXR ……….. all is one, it is important to have fun :)

  8. Feuerdrache Feuerdrache says:

    MRT or FBM with Open Config tracks.

  9. Feuerdrache Feuerdrache says:

    And please no reversed grid, they just cause chaos. Longer races prefered.

    • Feuerdrache Feuerdrache says:

      Other nice Open Configs: KY21, FE11 or BL11r or AS14 (used new Config numbers from the ‘official’ thread).

  10. mulas_jr says:

    So what, are we gonna race in December?