UFR Special event results

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  1. enjoyer83 enjoyer83 says:

    Started 18th, climbed up to 4th and then less than 5 seconds to finish I spun. Dont know what else to say but: dumbass!
    Vourliotis, sorry for the bump but I was on the inside and you went straight into me

  2. vourliotis vourliotis says:

    yes, you were so unlucky.
    About the bump, no worries. I didnt blame anyone anyway ;-)
    I bump one also, at quals. But didnt see who was. Sorry for that!

  3. Derbis says:

    Despite timeout after ~15laps race was very clean and smooth. Now i`m really sure that i`ll follow further events in this league :)

  4. Napster says:

    Really enjoyed yesterday race mates!!!! Really challenging with some interesting battles…..
    Sorry for some bumps I hade with some of you. Was trying to feel comfortable with some setup changes…!!!!!

    • shoock says:

      what to say, I love UFR, and when I saw the FRL event I signed up instantly.
      I rode over 800 laps to be prepared for the race and try to enter the top 5,
      with the finished result, I am more than satisfied, and more importantly, I was very pleased to participate in this event and ride with good drivers.
      All drivers on the track were correct, which is made ​​even more beautiful atmosphere of the drive.
      Compliments to the organizers, and I hope to see more ufr events in the future
      cya all on track, and thx for lovely race! ;)

  5. conte okre says:

    Very great event!!!
    I hope to see another special event soon!