Gara 5 – FOX – South City Town (SO5) results

First, thanks to all participants for a lovely evening. results will be published as soon as possible!

Maybe next race will be UFR@Kyoto GP Long Reverse (KY3R) ….

Race results

Race 1

Race 2

Extended stats




  1. fl3nd3r fl3nd3r says:

    Thanks to all for funny race :D
    I feel sorry for two contacts on the first lap with Okre and Value

  2. AlPayson AlPayson says:

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for putting on the event yesterday. It was a great event with a good turnout. I’m only sorry that I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. In fact it was probably the 2 worst races I’ve ever run in my entire history in LFS. Not by any fault of the FRL, it was purely on my end. The 1st race was started while I was takin a piss! Fortunately it was a lag lap and my non-movement at the start was moot. The real start went well for me actually, and I made it up to 7th from 10th, but it all came screeching to a halt when fuckin Norton Anti-Virus decided it needed to scan my computer and minimized LFS! At that point, I had no control of my car. After I got back I found a massively damaged car and a clutch that was red hot. I tried to make it back to pit to fixer up, but couldn’t move. I tried pulling off line and waited for the clutch to cool down, which was a BAD IDEA. My apologies to all.

    The 2nd race didn’t go much better. Starting from the back I got punted and bashed around upside down and completely fucked up the ass by whom I don’t know. I didn’t save a replay and I don’t even wanna watch it. I had to Shit+P on lap one and that just left me driving solo for about 10 laps and fighting for 14th place with a R4F guy for another 10 laps, which I lost and ended up a pathetic 15th place.

    Thanks again FRL! I hope to see you guys again sometime. Until then, visit FM and race with us every Friday for FragMaster’s FOX Fridays!

  3. sermilan sermilan says:

    Nice to see FRL coming back :) , friendly atmosphere and good racing… and of course, Naselli on top. Looking forward for more of FRL in the future, good job guys! ;)

  4. conte conte says:

    Well Done!!!!
    Grtz to Naselli and all driver!!!!!