FBM @ BL1: Advance of doubtful lawfulness

In the turn 33 takes advantage of that I slacken the course to leave me bend by the head of career, to advance me of form legally doubtful

FBM@we1 dirty driving

hello, this is my interpretation of what happend in 2nd race. lap 5 start finish straight i am on slipstream of R4F-ScorpioGT car,could pass him easy,but he was changing race line to many times,so it really can be called blocking,but not defending. lap 7 he has lost speed after some …

Predrag probation race: test passed

probation race: test passed. He was under examination after SO6R race. Fair racing, positive result. Our compliments to Predrag.

FBM@WE1 Just, wow

He went off the track but rather than stay off track after the chicane in S3 he decided to cut back onto track and take about 4 cars out and leave me stranded and leaving me 3rd from last and then lose all grip on tyres and resulting in retirement.

FBM @ SO6R: Not Fair Play

Lap 9, first corner before the bridge, predrag ignores the blue blag, did not let me pass and close my way pushing me to the wall… race over for me…