UFR race on AS3R delayed to November the 16th

Because of 500servers malfunctions we have to modify our race schedule: next race will be on November the 16th instead of the 9th. Event subscriptions are still valid. Sorry.

UFR – 2nd November race on WE1

Results HERE! Extended stats Replay here:

FO8 oval race results and comments

A complete disaster. Oval races are for experienced racers, it’s not possible to meshup pros and noobs in the same race on an oval track. I apologize for this bad organization of the event. Anyway results and stats here.

FO8 Oval race: qualified racers and rules

Race start at 19.30 UTC Rules sent by mail Meanwhile… watch this Oval drafting tutorial [youtube]AMi5-_u1lNA[/youtube] POS LFS USERNAME LFS NICKNAME DATE-TIME TRACK CAR LAP TIME LAPS 1 fm-failure [FM]^FaiLurE 14/04/2011 – 17:33 KY1 FO8 0.35.23 24 2 palan5 [FM]^Frogs 14/04/2011 – 21:08 KY1 FO8 0.35.26 167 3 m8nx [FM]^Chris …

FO8 – Kyoto Ring Oval: any suggestion?

numbertwo: something tells me this event will see a big fight in prequal and qual. do you guys have enough experience with ovals? There could be problems in qualification of there are people bump drafting around, or even drafting much. Yesss, tips and suggestions are welcome here for next event!