Frequently asked questions

  1. What is lag lap?
  2. I subscribe to event, but I’m not listed in game qualify list (with commands !topqual, !neaqual)


sid6.8 asks: 

Hy Guys… Verrrry nice Site and Eventsystem. I’ve finished the last UFR Trophy Race an i´ll involved all my teammember from Tsaitschen Racing Team to join this league… But one question… why do you not have a Forum? It’s very common to talk about the comming race or the last one… I`ll be very happy, if i found a Forum on your Site… see you soon!! Regards SID

Admin: Thanks! I hope league will get better and better, thanks to You and other racers. Why do not use www.lfsforum.net ? There is the Fun Racing League thread: Fun Racing League – Monthly Trophy – May starts with UFR. There is also the comments feature on every post/news talking about a race, an example: http://2010.funracingleague.com/2009/race-3-aston-club-photogallery/442

What is Lag Lap?

It’s a false start, it’s useful for prevent lags and troubles on start. It also helps to valutate behaviours of  racers on first turn. After 30-60 seconds there will be the real race start.


I subscribe to event, but I’m not listed in game qualify list (with commands !topqual, !neaqual)
Beacause the lfs username You write in Your profile is not the same of official Liveforspeed (in game and on www.lfsworld.net) username. Go to Your profile and check it. It’s very important because the password for the race server is sent only to users who subscribe to event and the server will accept only registered users (from 17th June)