Rules (English version)

This rule’s book explain how to register to championship and events, race system and race rules.

Registration and pre-qualify

You must register to this site if you want to join the trophies.

The mandatory fields are important to make the automatic qualification system work correctly. Every racer must insert his LFSWorld nickname that will be inserted in the list of racers during pre-qualifying (LFSLapper powered). The registration is free and can be done at any time.

You must sign up for every race.

Before each race, drivers must go through a prequalify session. Prequalify is done on the server that we’ll indicate. Prequalify is open until monday midnight before the race. Pre-qualify will determine the racers admitted to the race, and a minimum of 10 laps is mandatory (old rule: They will determine the grid start order, and a minum of 10 laps is mandatory). Pre-qual times are calculated as the average of the best 10 laps done online during pre-qualifying. Only the 32 fastest racers (32 best averages) will take part in the race. If there are less then 32 qualified racers also racers with less then 10 laps made on server will be admitted to the race, but racers with less than ten laps will start with sorting based on the number of turns made, and not on the lap time. Update: since 2010 we use LFS Events Manager and will be admitted to the race only the racers with a minimum of 5 laps done , also if there are less than 32 users.

It is possible to check your position and time on this site ( and online (on the server) using LFSLapper commands: !nearqual !topqual The trophies change every month or two months and there will be a trophy winner.

Race system

Events are held on wednesday evenings. The event starts at 21.30 (CET / UTC+1 or UTC+2 depending on summer time) with a 15 minutes hardcore qualifying session to decide the race starting grid order. During qualifying Shift+P and Shift+S are not allowed after drivers exit the pitlane for the first time, so the only way to change tires, refill your fuel tank and change parameters in the setup is by using the F12 menu and then stopping on the yellow stop spots (only realistic pitstops allowed). The qualifying session is managed by the Qual Control insim.

When qualifying ends, after a one minute break the Race will start. Races will be, according to track lenght and number of laps, approximately 50 minutes long when they are one round races, or 25 minutes long when they are two rounds sprint races (2 races x 25 mins). There is always the lag lap before start.

In two rounds sprint races there will be a short break of 5 minutes in between rounds. One round races (called also “regular type”) have a mandatory pitstop, but two rounds sprint races do not.

Race rules and on track behaviour


These rules come into effect without any exception at all events. Special rules may be added for single events as addition to this rule book. These will be announced at the news and the server info for that event.

2. On-track behavior

All drivers are expected to drive fair. No race will be won in the first corner. Contact with other cars should be avoided at all times.

3. Start crashes

In the case of a crash the race director will review the incident after the race and penalize the drivers that caused the incident. Possible penalties are listed below in these same rules (see §12).

3.1 Shift P

Drivers are not allowed to go to the pit or in spectator mode and then return to the track during a race.

4. Yellow flags

LFS has a yellow flag system that all drivers should respect. A driver receiving a yellow flag should be prepared to encounter a crash scene and/or slow cars, and should be ready to slow down if necessary. Overtaking is forbidden during a yellow flag. Drivers involved in the crash need to move away from the scene as soon and as safe as possible, but if cars are passing on both sides then staying still is the right thing to do until moving is safe. Slow cars returning to the pits should stay away from the racing line and try not to hinder other cars. Investigation will only be made after a complaint (see §10). The penalty for not following this rule is a 20 second penalty, added to the finishing time.

5. Overtaking

Any overtaking attempt should be well prepared, so that in a fight with another driver no unnecessary dangers occur. The driver who is in front at the turning in point of a corner has the right for that corner. If the driver trying to overtake is fully alongside, the driver who was first ahead has the right for that corner. However, the line on which the other driver is on should be respected and drivers should leave each other enough room to drive side by side through the corner (entry, apex and exit) when necessary. Contact should be avoided at all times. Drivers are allowed to defend their position, but may only make one move away from the racing line. Weaving will be penalized. No advantage should be gained by cutting the corner. Two tires should be on track at all times. Investigation will only be made after a complaint (see §10). The penalty for not following this rule depends on the severity of the incident, and can range from a time penalty up until disqualification. (see §12)

5.1 Blue Flag

In case you get overlapped, you have to let pass the leading drivers without hindering them. This must be done within 3 turns under attention to the track layout. Even the leading drivers has to pay attention, that they don’t ruin the race of the slower drivers due risky manouvers. Investigation will only be made after a complaint (see §10). The penalty for not following this rule is a 20 second penalty, added to the finishing time.

6. Behavior at pit entry and exit

Drivers entering or exiting the pits are not allowed to cross the pit entry/exit line. We have exceptions for some tracks. This will be announced at the news and server info whenever we use such a track. Drivers that are on track can only cross the pit exit line if no driver is leaving the pits. Investigation will only be made after a complaint (see §10). The penalty for not following this rule is a 10 seconds penalty, added to the finishing time.

7. Drive Through and Stop & Go

A driver receiving a drive through or a stop & go penalty must serve his penalty within three laps from receiving the penalty. Not following this rule will result in disqualification.

8. Chatting

Chatting is forbidden during both qualifying and the race, from start to end. The server admin will announce when the chat is closed and opened again by stating “chat closed” and “chat open.” Chatting will only be opened, when the final driver on track has finished qualifying / and race. Any chatting in between will be penalized. The penalty for chatting is 5 seconds per line. If a driver uses swear words or threatens another driver, he will receive a 1 race ban or more depending on the severity of the insult.

9. Cheats

Cheats and hacks are forbidden. The penalty for using a cheat or a hack is a loss of the start license and a ban from all our servers.

10. Complaints

A driver can file a complaint about any other driver to the race directors. Only complaints handed in between 12 and 48 hours after the finish of a race will be handled. A complaint can be filed by mailing to the mail address we’ll give you, clearly stating: – Division and Server – Involved drivers – Session (qualifying or race) – Lap – Description of the incident. If a complaint is too unclear it will not be investigated. Complaints sent in by mail will be made anonymously. Drivers involved always have the chance to reply.

11. Race directors

Penalties imposed during or after an event are final and will not be reconsidered. The final verdict will be posted in the public marshal forum and, in case of a penalty being handed out, mailed to the driver receiving the penalty.

12. Possible penalties

The race directors can issue the following penalties:

  • Warning
  • Time penalties
  • Causing an incident with 1-2 positions loss to the opponent: 10 seconds
  • Causing an incident with 3-5 positions loss to the opponent: 20 seconds
  • Causing an incident with more than 5 positions loss to the opponent: 30 seconds
  • Causing an incident, opponent has to make a pit stop: 45 seconds
  • Causing an incident, opponent has to end his race: 60 seconds
  • Drive through
  • Stop and go
  • Points deduction
  • Disqualification
  • Ban
  • Penalties can also be combined.